Plattform Green IT Switzerland – An initiative from asut and Green IT SI

The Green IT Switzerland platform was founded in 2019 on the initiative of the Green IT SI (Swiss Informatics Society) and the Swiss Telecommunications Association (asut).

The goals of the platform are:

  • to improve understanding and knowledge of energy and resource consumption and other sustainability aspects,
  • to practice more energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for the operation of IT infrastructures (Green in IT),
  • to better understand and use the multiple benefits of smart, digitally supported service models (Green by IT).

Green in IT

“Green in IT” focuses on in-house measures such as the purchase and operation of energy-efficient IT equipment, servers, and network infrastructure. Equally important are the energy-efficient IT processes and software.

With “Green in IT” principles, the overall IT infrastructure is operated responsibly and maintained sustainably.

You can assess your current in-house measures using our guidelines.

Green by IT

Smart technologies help us reduce our energy and resource consumption.

“Green by IT” deals with the effects on the sustainability aspects of IT-supported applications and services in the areas of Smart Home, Smart Building, and Smart Cities.

The focus is on the multiple benefits of smart, digitally supported service models in the ICT industry, service providers, facility management providers, and smart cities. These include simplifications in process handling, operational cost savings, and energy footprint reduction.