Green IT Global Network

On 4 April 2017, the collaborating network, Green IT Global was officially born. Green IT Global is a not-for-profit coalition of Green IT focused organisations forming a collaborative ecosystem. The network has created a Manifesto, outlining the network’s ambitions and visions. The Manifesto is used as a guiding beacon for the activities and goals the participating organisations set out to achieve together.


Within Green IT Global we define Green IT as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that generate enhanced environmental, social and economic outcomes and takes into consideration the entire product life cycle including production, usage and disposal.

We are…

  • a not-for-profit network of Green IT-focused organisations, collaborating as a driving force for innovation and sustainability
  • a hub for Green IT expertise, knowledge and exchange
  • a discussion and collaboration partner for business organisations, education, civil society and all levels of government
  • a coalition network open to expand and include others

We aim…

  • to consolidate expertise as well as exchange knowledge across countries, regions and sectors
  • to create and amplify positive impact
  • to show leadership, to respect and to encourage

We do…

  • create awareness and promote Green IT
  • use knowledge and collaboration to meet our network’s goals
  • help reduce GHG emissions and increase responsible use of resources through Green IT solutions and knowledge sharing
  • connect and share opportunities to support a level playing field

Objectives and activities


Understand our network’s reach, identify overlap and gaps


  • Identify and map the Green IT Global’s collective stakeholder network

Create comprehensive and practical assessment approach

  • Create assessment approach using the (founding) organisation’s existing relevant tools and their individual complementary strengths

Create opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration (joint project)

Expand and exchange knowledge by:

  • creating at least one publication or ‘state-of-play’ report with hints, tips and trends per year;
  • organising and/or participating in multiple events per year
  • creating a knowledge base
  • participate in at least one joint project through existing funded initiatives

Establish positive dialogue with relevant national and international policy-making and standards bodies

  • Provide value by increasing effectiveness of (at least one) policy or standard

Align with the Sustainability Goals (SDG) of the United Nations

  • Match Green IT principles to the 17 Sustainability Goals (SDG) of the United Nations and identify the ones with the greatest leverage

Establish positive dialogue with (EU) educational sector

  • Collaborate with education institutes to explore course and curriculum development